Tips for successful Blackjack play

It pays (literally) to know your way around a Blackjack table – and how you can maximize your profits by knowing how the betting works and using that knowledge to your distinct advantage.

In order to organize your gambling funds (and we wouldn’t want to find that they’re running low before the fun has really started), we need to know the best pay outs on the Blackjack ‘table’.  For example, for a player to succeed on the first hand with a ‘natural’ Blackjack (i.e. 21 with his first two cards) his payout will be at the ration of 3:2 (assuming that the dealer doesn’t also have a natural Blackjack in the first hand).  So, if you bet $10, you’d win $15.  Blackjack is, as you will find out, not just a game of random chance but one of playing the odds, trying to figure out a system and expecting in the end that this will lead to greater winnings.

It is possible to find on the Internet, a crib sheet of when to perform certain actions while playing Blackjack.  For example, there will be suggestions about when to ‘hit’ (take another card) and when to ‘stand’ (keep the ones that you have).  Some players will never hit when they have reached 17 and others will never stand on 16.  Each player will have a different approach to Blackjack and you also have to weigh up the situation on any given day that you play, how many opponents there are etc.  This is true of both, Blackjack in a casino and in an internet casino.

By knowing what you can expect in terms of a payout (some aspects of the game have a ration of 1:1), so if you are ahead of the game by knowing the odds, then even if it means that you are saving money, in the end that gives you more opportunities to win money