Learn Backgammon Rules Online

These days you can pretty much find a book on anything and, if you can’t, you’ll still most likely be able to find information online; and this isn’t a bad thing.  But, when it comes to backgammon, reading up on backgammon rules and strategy isn’t enough, you have to learn through experience.

Backgammon rules are generally easy.  You have a board which you and your opponent race, in separate directions, around; you to the opponents starting area, and they to yours.  From there, the first person to move their checkers off the board wins.   You move your checkers by rolling the dice and move on points, the long triangles on the board.  It’s really that easy.  But where backgammon gets tricky is the process of moving.  Your opponent will try to hit your checkers, block points so you can’t move, and sprint their checkers around the board; as you will to them.  While the backgammon rules are simple, strategy and actually playing is challenging and what make backgammon such a great game.  You can’t learn this part in a book; you need to play and learn what works for you and what doesn’t and see how different opponents play and respond to different strategies.

The best place for a new player to get experience is through internet backgammon.  You can play for free against a computer where they will correct you if you break a rule.  Some good places to find a backgammon free download to begin learning how to play are Tavli and Europa Casino. You can also play real players and see how they react.  There are thousands of backgammon players online, so you’ll never be short.  It’s the best way to learn backgammon rules and strategy, period.