Playing fruit machines

slot machines were already hugely popular before the invention of the online casino. They were found in nearly every pub and whole arcades were given over entirely to them. Fruit machines come in all kinds of varieties, with as many themes as manufacturers can dream up. Must people agree that this popularity is due primarily to the simplicity of the games. There is no complex strategy needed to play fruit machines, it is purely a game of chance. These games are, after all, often played by people who have been drinking. With the invention of the online casino fruit machines have seen a huge increase in their popularity. Online casinos can offer a much better selection than you’ll find in any pub or arcade. Also offered online are much better payout percentages than those offered in land based casinos. Since pubs and arcades don’t get the large volume of players that online casinos get, but still have to pay for the machines, you will generally find yourself losing much more often than you do when you play online. Add to this the fact that when you play from home you don’t have to deal with annoying drunks, clouds of cigarette smoke, or getting a cab home at the end of the night, and online casinos start to make even more sense.