Grow to love the free online casino

OK, so love is a strong word, but you might be spending a lot of time in a free online casino, so it’s a good idea to know what you are getting yourself into, what to expect and how to handle the experience.  I suppose it’s like any relationship; everything is new and exciting, you start out with great expectations and hopes, there might be a long incubation period of confused feelings and perhaps, unfortunately without the proper care and attention you might become blas? about your once special relationship.  It might seem trite to describe it like that, but with the much more mobile lives that people live these days, it can sometimes be the case that someone will spend more time in a free online casino than they would with a partner or loved one.

If you have ever played your friends at Blackjack for example and been hammered, why not surprise them the next time you play by demonstrating your new found skills and confidence having gained greater expertise by playing in a free online casino.  It’s an opportunity and experience that should not be underrated or underestimated.  For a start you don’t have to lose money (because it’s free) and also you have the time and occasion to play as often as you like, for as long as you like.

If Blackjack is not your game at a free online casino you can try as many games as your heart desires.

Learn Backgammon Rules Online

These days you can pretty much find a book on anything and, if you can’t, you’ll still most likely be able to find information online; and this isn’t a bad thing.  But, when it comes to backgammon, reading up on backgammon rules and strategy isn’t enough, you have to learn through experience.

Backgammon rules are generally easy.  You have a board which you and your opponent race, in separate directions, around; you to the opponents starting area, and they to yours.  From there, the first person to move their checkers off the board wins.   You move your checkers by rolling the dice and move on points, the long triangles on the board.  It’s really that easy.  But where backgammon gets tricky is the process of moving.  Your opponent will try to hit your checkers, block points so you can’t move, and sprint their checkers around the board; as you will to them.  While the backgammon rules are simple, strategy and actually playing is challenging and what make backgammon such a great game.  You can’t learn this part in a book; you need to play and learn what works for you and what doesn’t and see how different opponents play and respond to different strategies.

The best place for a new player to get experience is through internet backgammon.  You can play for free against a computer where they will correct you if you break a rule.  Some good places to find a backgammon free download to begin learning how to play are Tavli and Europa Casino. You can also play real players and see how they react.  There are thousands of backgammon players online, so you’ll never be short.  It’s the best way to learn backgammon rules and strategy, period.

Tips for successful Blackjack play

It pays (literally) to know your way around a Blackjack table – and how you can maximize your profits by knowing how the betting works and using that knowledge to your distinct advantage.

In order to organize your gambling funds (and we wouldn’t want to find that they’re running low before the fun has really started), we need to know the best pay outs on the Blackjack ‘table’.  For example, for a player to succeed on the first hand with a ‘natural’ Blackjack (i.e. 21 with his first two cards) his payout will be at the ration of 3:2 (assuming that the dealer doesn’t also have a natural Blackjack in the first hand).  So, if you bet $10, you’d win $15.  Blackjack is, as you will find out, not just a game of random chance but one of playing the odds, trying to figure out a system and expecting in the end that this will lead to greater winnings.

It is possible to find on the Internet, a crib sheet of when to perform certain actions while playing Blackjack.  For example, there will be suggestions about when to ‘hit’ (take another card) and when to ‘stand’ (keep the ones that you have).  Some players will never hit when they have reached 17 and others will never stand on 16.  Each player will have a different approach to Blackjack and you also have to weigh up the situation on any given day that you play, how many opponents there are etc.  This is true of both, Blackjack in a casino and in an internet casino.

By knowing what you can expect in terms of a payout (some aspects of the game have a ration of 1:1), so if you are ahead of the game by knowing the odds, then even if it means that you are saving money, in the end that gives you more opportunities to win money

Stand Strong with Online Blackjack

The idea behind blackjack is simple enough.  The closest man (or woman) to 21 without going over is the winner.  Many gamblers, however, don’t develop a strategy past this which leads to poor to mediocre performances.  If you have this problem, take some time to research blackjack online.  Many online casinos also offer advice for online blackjack.

One of the most important concepts you need to develop in black jack is the ability to “stand”.  Standing is simply knowing when to hold your cards and not make that emotional play because you just have that gut feeling that there’s an ace coming next to bring your 20 to a 21. 

The basic times to stand are: 1) You’re cards total between 17-21; 2) You’re holding an A-2 or A-9; 3) You’re cards total between 13-20 and the dealer’s got a stiff.

Of course, there are many more strategies.  The best thing to do is get involved with online blackjack.  You can find casinos that offer free and real money tables which will allow you to hone your skills.  Online gamblers also tend to be a helpful community, so ask them for advice.  Online blackjack is definitively a great way to practice for the live tables or make money from your home.  So, if you’re game needs some fine tuning, get online, read up on strategy, and get started with online blackjack to become a stronger player.  That’s how I got good and believe me, gambling’s a lot more fun when you’re raking in the money!